A disease could end Caroline Wozniacki's tennis career

Caroline Wozniacki
  • EFE

The current WTP number 3 in the world, has spoken through his father and coach, Piotr Wozniacki, who revealed that the tennis player has an autoimmune disease in the bone joints called rheumatoid arthritis, which could definitely take her away from the courts.

Wozniacki, father, said that for now it is not known how much longer Caroline could be playing, nor what will happen to her this season. He explained that rheumatoid arthritis mainly causes chronic inflammation of the bone joints and their progressive destruction, which causes the pain and generates fatigue to the player. Although the condition was detected at an early stage, a type of illness like this seems incompatible with the level of physical demand that requires a high level athlete like her.

Regard to the near future of the race of the former number 1 in the world, Piotr has said that it is uncertain. However, he revealed that her daughter will be absent from the Fed Cup, which makes her unable to represent her country in the 2020 Olympic Games. "It is unfortunate, because we know how important Caroline is to the Danish team, but it is impossible to know which will be her condition in that moment. We do not know how much more she can continue playing, but for now, we are happy to see her get up every morning to train", he added.

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