Dominican José Ureña suspended for hitting Ronald Acuña Jr

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  • AP

Miami Marlins' pitcher, Jose Ureña, was handed a six-game suspension and an undisclosed fine for hitting Venezuelan Ronald Acuña Jr of the Atlanta Braves.

Ureña hit Acuña Jr in his left elbow with the first pitch of the fourth match of the series between both teams, in which the Venezuelan sought to tie a major league record with home runs opening match.

The Venezuelan baseball player had taken the ball out of the park in the first three games of the series, including a double day, and was looking for the record of Brady Anderson, who achieved the feat in 1996.

However, he was hit by Ureña with a 97 mph fastball, which was looked by the bench of the Braves as an intentional pitch in an attempt to slow down Acuña, leading to a confrontation. The result was the expulsion of the Dominican pitcher, one of the most uncontrollable players of the Major Leagues, leading the National League with 11 hit batters so far this season.

The Dominican pitcher has a record of three wins and 12 setbacks and a high ERA of 4.74, and his suspension is expected to begin this Friday, unless he files an appeal.

The action revived the era in the Major Leagues, when pitchers hit intentionally batters, often for futile reasons or to establish a psychological domain on the pitch.

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