Ecuador prepares for friendly match against Panama next Tuesday

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  • Sat, 11/17/2018 - 19:48
El director técnico de la selección de fútbol de Ecuador, Hernán Darío Gómez, dirige un entrenamiento
  • El director técnico de la selección de fútbol de Ecuador, Hernán Darío Gómez, dirige un entrenamiento
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The Maracaná stadium in El Chorrillo, located on the slopes of Cerro Ancón in the Panamanian city, was the venue of the first training of the Ecuadorian team prior to the friendly match against the Central American “Roja”, having as a primary urgency the definition works.

With the experienced Colombian coach Hernán Darío "Bolillo" Gómez, former helmsman of Panama, the Ecuadorians started the work with the traditional rondo.

After touching the ball and stretching the legs, a group of players was placed under the command of Coach Édgar Carvajal and another group worked with Elkin Sánchez, physical trainer.

With Carvajal, the bulk of the group was devoted to work having ball control, to score a goal with and without a keeper.

In a shootout of more than 20 shots on goal of the South American team, the aim of "Bolillo’s" players was not tuned.

Along with Elkin a small group worked, mostly players who retrieve the ball, because they saw action in the match against Peru last Thursday.

While Carvajal and Sánchez worked, "Bolillo" Gómez looked closely at each of the circuits armed by his assistants, while he conversed with certain players, who will possibly be starters against Panama.

Gómez upon his arrival in Panama expressed the joy of returning to the country he led for the first time to a senior soccer world cup, in addition to showing respect to the group of players, who are currently led by the acting Anglo-Panamanian Gary Stempel.

"The Stempel team is a trained team, there is a base, worked on in the last round. Gary is a serious and hardworking man and I think they are on the right track," said Gómez.

With pass works in small spaces, it was curtains for the first session of saturday trainings of "Bolillo"’s Ecuador.

The new coach of the Ecuadorian team will complete today in the afternoon the first round of training, with a second session on the same stage; tomorrow they will work at the Rommel Fernández, possibly behind closed doors; while on Monday they will close the works, prior to the game, with the recognition of the pitch, at night.

Panama will face Ecuador next Tuesday, November 20, in a friendly match, this being Panama’s final match of 2018 and the return of "Bolillo" Gomez to Rommel Fernandez, after leading his last game in the Central American country, against Northern Ireland, in May of the current year.


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