Ernesto Sinclair passes the page of the Panamanian team and concentrates on his club

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  • Wed, 11/28/2018 - 11:19
Ernesto Sinclair passes the page of the Panamanian team and concentrates on his club
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By Rogelio Adonican Osorio

Panamanian attacker Ernesto Sinclair, formed in the ranks of the Chilean Colo Colo and Estudiantes de La Plata from Argentina, told EFE that his time in the Panamanian national team was over and that he now concentrates on working with his club and for the final of the next Saturday against Tauro FC.

“It´s a past stage, there were situations with the team that sometimes I prefer to keep quiet, turn the page and try to get ahead and concentrate on my club and the final we will play”, said the Costa del Este scorer.

Sinclair added that the national team was “the subject of the coaching staff, I have always worked in my club”.

“I would not like to close the doors to the national team, but I am aware that there are many players in the process who are out of the country” he said.

On the final against Tauro, Sinclair said that the group is motivated and there is a lot of chemistry. “The team is united, and what happened in the semifinals was left behind, we have to correct the mistakes we made during the tournament and face the final match in the best way” he said.

Sinclair thanked God for giving him things in this tournament, after a year ago he thought about leaving professional soccer and dedicating himself to something else.

“It´s the second time he decided to retire, I´m back and I´m doing well, I did it with Plaza Amador and I came out champion, hopefully it´s the same this time (...) to arrive and add that star to the Costa Del Este is what is wanted” he said.

With the Plaza Amador, Sinclair was champion in the 2016 Apertura, precisely in the final against Chorrillo, in which he scored for the triumph and the placino title.

The Panamanian striker debuted with Costa del Este in the 2018 Apertura on matchday 11 with a goal against Árabe Unido, since his debut - adding the two semifinal matches - has scored six more goals, being the second highest scorer in the tournament, behind Tauro’s Edwin Aguilar and Enrico Small, their rivals in the final, and Universitario’s Sergio Moreno, all with 9 goals.

“It would be a great Christmas gift for me, for the whole group and the coaching staff it would be nice to be champions, nobody remembers the second place, that´s why we will fight to be the champion, because this group is a deserved finalist, we want to transcend, It´s a small staff with many young people hungry for the title” he said.


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