The eyes of the world of baseball are on Mariano Rivera

Mariano Rivera
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On January 22, The Panamanian baseball player Mariano Rivera will be named among those who will enter in the Hall of Fame of the Major Leagues in July, although the entire baseball world is pending in if he will do so unanimously.

So far, no baseball player, manager or team owner has been chosen unanimously, not even luminaries like Babe Ruth, so becoming the first one will fill even more pride in Panama.

Ken Griffey Junior with 99.30% of the votes; Tom Seaver with 98.84%, Nolan Ryan with 98.79%, Cal Ripken Jr. with 98.53% and Ty Cobb with 98.23% of the votes

The members of the Association of Baseball Writers of America had the opportunity to hand in their ballots until December 31st, and in which they met, a hundred, the name of the appeared former New York Yankees player.

Rivera has been one of the few candidates in whom the fans have believed with enough merit to get all the votes of journalists who have covered the source during the last ten years.

However, his choice has not ceased to have some controversy, initiated by Bill Ballou of The Telegram of Massachusetts, who earned everyone's hatred when he indicated that he would not send his ballot because he believes that no closer deserves to be in the temple of the immortals because their work is very simple.

The numbers of Mo, as he was nicknamed by his teammates and fans in his career, speak for themselves: it is the most savior in history, with 652; and the one that has most finished encounters, with 952.

In addition, it shares with Trevor Hoffmann the mark of more seasons with 40 or more saves, with nine campaigns.

And if we go to the postseason, his legend gets even bigger, with five World Series champion rings, in addition to the records of lowest effectiveness (0.70), most games released (96) and more rescues (42), including eleven rescues in seven disputed world series, all in New York uniform.

Today, there are no doubts that Mariano Rivera will accompany Rod Carew in Cooperstown, but the expectation is focused on whether he will be the first player to be chosen unanimously.


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