Former pitcher Mariano Rivera asks for more support for the sport of Panama

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  • Wed, 02/20/2019 - 11:07
Mariano Rivera
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The New York Yankees coach and Hall of Fame Mariano Rivera asked on Tuesday for more support for the sport of his country, in an appearance before the local press in which he also complained about the public treatment that has been given to a subject that, he stressed, is strictly personal.

"In the media there has been little serious, false and malicious news on issues that are strictly family and personal", Rivera said, referring to a dispute he maintains in Panamanian family courts.

He clarified and asserted that "it is true that there are lawsuits in the courts, all without foundation, which are affecting my children, whom I love, I love with all my heart (...) among them there are minors".

He added to settle the issue that "I ask that you value, understand and respect that condition, I assured you that I have acted and will act as a good father of a family".

In this appearance, which was only called to the local press, which broadcast live on social networks, Rivera also spoke of how difficult it can be fame, and took advantage of the country's electoral climate to ask for more support for the sport.

"I'm not a politician, I do not want to be a politician, I think if you take money from the government to do anything, it's wrong, I think you should support the sport more".

He also urged the government and private companies to join for that cause.

The 49-years-old former baseball player said he has a good friendship with Rod Carew, the first Panamanian to enter the Hall of Fame, to which he will enter next July, being the first to get 100 percent of the votes.

"I've talked to Rod Carew, he was happy that I am the second Panamanian to enter the Hall of Fame and that I can accompany him", Rivera said.

"Carew is an icon and being the first hall of fame of a small town, which is a source of pride", said the former major leaguer.

On the photo with the Brazilian Pele, which was taken at the World Cup in Brazil 2014, the former baseball player said that "I wanted to be like Pele, but thank God, I ended up playing baseball". 



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