France beat Croatia 4-2 to win their 2nd World Cup

Francia celebra
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France played the counterattack card against Croatia, endured all the attacks of their rival and was forceful at the time of attacking to end up winning with a score of 4-2 and crowned champion in the World Cup Russia 2018.

The match started with a Croatian team thrown forward, and a France that endured and played backlash.

The first minutes were a constant Croatian attack on the goal defended by Hugo Lloris. At its best, Croatia scored the first goal, but in was an own goal. In a foul from outside the area in the 18th minute, Mario Mandzukic combed the ball to clear it, but introduced it in his own goal, with no options for goalkeeper Danijel Subasic.

The pace of the game remained, with France behind, waiting for the counterattack opportunity that would allow them to score the goal to give them the advantage.

However, the insistence of the Croats was the one that generated revenue, with a corner kick in which the Croatians headed three times for the ball to be left to Ivan Perisic, who took off a defender to fire at Hugo Lloris with a cross shot. It was the 28th minute of the game and there was still a long way to go.

10 minutes later, the VAR made history, by sentencing a play for the first time in a World Cup. It was a hand from Ivan Perisic inside the penalty area that was not whistled by referee Nelson Pitana and that would end up being converted by Antoine Griezmann, for his fifth goal of the World Cup and 2-1 on the board, with which they would go to the half time.

The second half took place on both sides, with a Croatia looking for a draw and a France that continued to play but taking advantage of the speed of Mbappé to generate danger in the Croatian goal.

That was France's third goal, in the 59th minute, with a long pass to Killian Mbappé, who gave the center to Antoine Griezmann and left a rebound outside the area that Paul Pogbá took advantage of to catch Subasic on the counter.

France sentenced the victory in the 65th minute, when Mbappé received the ball out of the area and with a right-legged shot to beat the Croatian goalkeeper to score the fourth goal of his team and his fourth goal at the World Cup.

Croatia managed to discount in the 68th minute thanks to a mistake by goalkeeper Hugo Lloris, who tried to dribble attacker Mario Mandzukic and gave the striker the opportunity to score the goal.

In the 80th minute there was a curious fact, with the departure of Olivier Giroud, it was the first time a center forward crowned world champion without scoring a single goal. This despite the fact that Giroud was a starter in the seven matches of the French team.

France made history with the three final whistles, rounding a great World Cup, in which their defense took much of the victory. It adds its second World Cup in three finals, and does it with a young team, which can mostly be kept for the Qatar cup in four years’ time.

With the victory, history was also made his technical director, Didier Deschamps, who became the third to get a World Cup as a player and as a coach, adding his name to the Brazilian Mario Lobo Zagallo and the German Franz Beckenbauer. Deschamps won the 1998 World Cup as a player and 20 years later repeated, now from the bench.

The leading scorer of the tournament was Englishman Harry Kane, who finished with six goals; Kyllian Mbappé finished as the best young player; Luka Modric was named the Golden Ball as the best player in the World Cup; and the prize for the best goalkeeper went to the Belgian Thibaut Courtois. The Spanish team won the Fair Play trophy awarded by FIFA.


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