Gary Stempel and Víctor Suárez will participate in the Fifa conference

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  • Wed, 09/19/2018 - 20:39
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The acting coach of the Panamanian national team, Gary Stempel and Víctor Suárez, helmsman of the senior women's team, will travel to London tomorrow to participate in the FIFA Conference on Sunday,
informed the Panamanian Soccer Federation (Fepafut).

"FIFA has invited the coaches and technical development directors of the 211 member federations, as well as technical experts from the six confederations, to this conference," the statement from the Panamanian soccer official said.

The objective of the visit of both technician and coach to the FIFA conference, according to the note, is to analyze the FIFA World Cup from a technical and tactical perspective in order to identify trends and compare the main conclusions.

All the analysis will be done according to the report of the Technical Study Group (GET) and the evaluation of the impact of video arbitration in football, the statement added.

Stempel and Suárez will be next two technicians of the stature of Zlatko Dali of Croatia, Roberto Martínez of Belgium, Gareth Southgate of England, Stanislav Cherchésov of Russia, Joachim Löw, of Germany, among many others.

The FIFA conference will take place in the framework of the gala "The Best FIFA Football Awards 2018", which will be held next Monday and in which Stempel and Suárez will also be.

Source- EFE

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