Jaime Barría establishes a peculiar record in his return to the majors

Jaime Barria
  • @Angels

The Panamanian rookie Jaime Barría stood out in his second outing in the Major Leagues, in which he established a peculiar record and earning the first defeat of the season and his career.

Barría made 77 pitches in his short outing of two innings, 49 in the first of those innings where 21 of them were against Brandon Belt, whom he finally retired with a fly to right field.

That turn at bat, in which Belt connected 17 fouls, 11 of them consecutively, made the history books as the most pitches made since the record was started in 1988. It surpassed the established one in June 26 1998, when Ricky Gutiérrez, of the Houston Astros, was struck out by Bartolo Colón, of the Cleveland Indians.

The Los Angeles Angels would end up losing the game 4 runs to 2 against the San Francisco Giants, and Barría would end up accepting two of the bay team's runs.

So far this season, the one born in Panama City has two starts, balanced of one win and one loss with a 3.86 ERA. On his first outing he accepted a hit and a run by the Texas Rangers, on his way to a 7-2 triumph.

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