Jaime Barría led Los Angeles Angels to victory over the Detroit Tigers

Jaime Barria
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Panamanian Jaime Barría led the Los Angeles Angels to a 6-0 victory over the Detroit Tigers, showing good use of his repertoire and control of his pitches.

Barría worked for 5.2 innings in which got five hits, gave a walk and struck out five batters.

In total, the Panamanian made 92 pitches, 57 of them in the strike zone, to prove his sixth victory of the season, and leave his effectiveness in 3.59, showing the reasons why the Angels gave him the confidence to stay in the starter rotation.

Barría was supported by consecutive homers Justin Upton and Albert Pujols, who tied the 631 homers of his brilliant career in the majors.

For Jaime Barría it was the second victory in his last three starts, which shows a recovery in his way of throwing, after he was sent to the minor leagues for the recess of the All-Star Game.

As anecdotal data, Barria achieved along with Brandon Belt the longest at bat in the last 30 years, since he had to use 21 pitches before striking out the slugger with a hit to right field.



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