Jenrry Mejia and his mission to return to the major leagues

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  • Sat, 02/09/2019 - 12:10
Jenrry Mejia
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The Dominican Republic's big league Jenrry Mejia has a mission: to return hand-in-hand with God to the Major Leagues, on this occasion with the Boston Red Sox, and being the same dominant pitcher as in his beginnings in the Majors.

"God will if I will be back, it's one step at a time, I wanted to return to baseball, I got it now, to continue working hard and God will, I'll be in the major leagues again," the Dominican Major League player said Friday to ACAN-EFE.

Mejia said that in his process of recovering from the use of forbidden substances he always knew "that it would be difficult, but not impossible," "first you have to keep tight to God, you have to believe" and having faith always helps in these cases.

"God is the one who gives us the opportunities, second and third ones when we fall, we cannot stay down, we have to get up and show what we're made of," the 29-year-old player said.

In 2015, Mejia followed a positive test for Stanozolol and was suspended for 80 games. In the process of fulfilling this suspension, he was banned for 162 after a positive test for Boldenone.

The third suspension occurred on February 13 of that same year and marked for the rest of his days, because he is the first, and at the moment, he was the only player to be suspended for life in baseball.

"The most difficult thing to return to baseball, in that case, because we know that those cases are very strong, it means to face the MLB (...) to face the world on my own, to be able to return, but I always said that I was not alone, God was with me, and I left everything in God's hands," he said.

The return of Mejia to the Majors will be a reality because the Major Leagues allowed conditional readmission, and he could return to the Big show from 2019.

"You make mistakes, everything is mental, in that, I have to work, to be mentally strong and to give it all to everything when the time comes," he said.

Mejia points out that in the process he had support from other Dominican Big-League players on the level of Pedro Martinez, who always told him not to falter and to work hard, of Bartolo Colon, Jeurys Familia, among others.

About the tournament, Mejia said that it has been quite interesting because "the good thing is to compete, when you play in a tournament that you think it's easy, it has no emotion, to win all the games without losing, that's not funny, I like it when things get interesting."

The player said that the Estrellas Orientales team, which represents the Dominican Republic in this tournament, "has more than what it has shown because we have good batters and we have not scored as we should do."

He said that in the Dominican Republic he worked as a starter, "to accumulate episodes, he had three years that he did not throw," he reminded us that "in 2014 and 2015 I was a closer with the Mets and now Boston needs me as a reliever."

"They did not want me to come to the Caribbean Series, but they decided to let me come, but as a reliever, because they are interested to fit me as a relief, God will we will continue to improve to get better," he said.

Mejia clarified that he does not have a favorite role when throwing.

"I play any role, the good thing is to run the part because when you work for a team you cannot decide which position you like best," he said.


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