Julio Dely Valdés launches his new plan with the selection of Panama

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  • Tue, 02/19/2019 - 10:22
Julio Dely Valdés launches his new plan with the selection of Panama
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In the first training session of Julio César Dely Valdés, who is completing his third internship in the national soccer team of Panama, he let see he is a technician with a lot of talk and said that "the repetition" will be the key in this new incursion at the head of the national team.

"We have to be very repetitive, we're going to bore them with the repetitions, it's the only way we can create a habit and assimilate them and we as coaches get what we want", said the Panamanian coach.

There were 23 boys who attended the instructions of the coach, who was very excited and always giving instructions to the players, mostly from the Panamanian Soccer League (LPF) and under 23 years.

"It's not a definitive call list, it's mostly players coming from the sub 21 process, which Jorge Dely Valdés (his brother) took, hence I have references", said the strategist, who returns six years later to the head of the Panamanian team.

"For the next microcycle, in the first week of March, there may be some who have not been this week and others may come out", he added.

Dely Valdés took the time to explain the work that was done today on the training field Luis Ernesto "Cascarita" Tapia, and the same was based on giving them "three or four details, in the tactical", on an individual level, "defensive topics, more as an information mode and I pointed out that in all things try to be receptive, however simple they may seem, it can help them".

The interim technical director acknowledged that time is his biggest enemy, more in the case of a national selection, in which there are not always the players you need.

"There is little time, it can be said that it is my biggest enemy, not for these sub 21 training, but with the senior team, for example those who will participate in March, and the players who are going to play that match are abroad", he commented.

"Time is short, but it is a national team and the national teams suffer from these situations, we will try to do our best in that aspect", abounds the renowned "Panagol".

"It's about taking advantage of time, surely the players have received something of what has been given", he said. "The first day of training, when you first arrive as a coach, you have to give them two or four details, you cannot give them much, because they do not keep anything".

Of the list of players of this first call, 60 percent, are sub 22 and the strategist has well traced his work route with this group of players.

"These guys are going to compete in the Pan American Games in July, they have not had the opportunity to work in recent months, they are going to an important tournament like the Pan American Games, they have to work ... I do not know who will train them, but they have to work and at the end I think it's just common sense", he said.

In that common sense, the technician pointed out that may have cited 24 players of the senior team, "but if at the end I'm going to play with those who are abroad, then you have to make sense of things, because they're going to compete in the July and seize the most of the time".

On the first day of work, only Valentin Pimentel did not attend the training for a family case, while Kevin Galván retired for an annoying one on his toe.

The technician sealed his appearance saying that it is an obligation for Panama to qualify for the next World Cup and that "we must be that fucked up selection again, that reference selection".

"Qualifying for the next World Cup must be one of the goals, not just because Panama has been classified to the last World Cup. Panama has had a noticeable growth, and that advance cannot be reversed, it must continue to evolve, regardless of the infrastructure, Panama must be classified", he said.

Panama will measure its similar from Brazil on March 23, at the Do Dragao stadium, in Portugal. 


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