LPF Clubs sign cooperation agreement with AFUTPA

Association of Panamanian Soccer players

The owners of the Panamanian Soccer League (LPF) clubs and representatives of the Association of Panamanian Soccer players (AFUTPA) signed the Cooperation and Support Agreement as a whole, which will make it possible to bring order to the country's soccer.

The agreement includes 12 points, of which the most important are the establishment of a minimum wage of 4,400 balboas a year for professional soccer players, and the establishment of a commission to develop proposals to improve amateur conditions.

Concerning the minimum wage, this represents an increase of 10% in comparison to the one that was already in force, while in the case of juniors, the teams may have a maximum of four, who will earn a minimum wage of 3,850 balboas, as long as they meet the following two requirements: contracts of a maximum two years and that they are under 23 years of age.

They also agreed to establish a series of commissions to evaluate and find solutions to issues such as the contractual relations of clubs with players, immigration procedures for foreign players, as well as the hiring of underage players, who will be under the obligation of studying.

Another issue agreed upon by both parties is that clubs must pay salaries to players who suffer serious injuries during the game; up to three months after the end of the contractual relationship and up to six months in the case of rehabilitation.

These conditions will take effect as soon as the 2019 Apertura Tournament, when clubs will have to include them in their internal regulations.

The signing of the agreement puts an end to a long and arduous dispute between the clubs and the AFUTPA to improve the economic, social and labor conditions of the athletes whose livelihood is Panamanian soccer.


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