"Mano de Piedra" Durán opens a new restaurant

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  • Wed, 05/23/2018 - 14:12
Stone Sports Cafe
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The former boxing world champion, Roberto "Mano de Piedra" Durán opened a new restaurant the "Stone Sports Cafe" in the Panamanian city with the goal of making it a franchise in the future.

"We waited for almost three years to get the right place, but we are here to serve people who want to eat a good meal and talk with me," said the Panamanian sports idol.

Durán highlighted that the menu of the restaurant is varied, having “typical Panamanian” meals and a menu very similar to those that are eaten in the United States, based on hamburgers.

"We're going to have a lot of Panamanian and American food. Americans are used to their hamburger, salads and dessert, but we want to serve everyone and that's why our menu is extensive," he said.

In addition to the food, Durán says that people can also have a good time with a few drinks and watching the World Cup matches.

"We are going to have a drink called 'Knockout', that will be our seal in terms of drinks, we want to be everyone's home in the World Cup," said the world boxing legend.

The restaurant "El Cholo" is also part of his story, with his photos, gloves and gowns used by Durán at his time as an active boxer.

"I hope that the public will support me, and the address is on the social networks and I hope for the support of the Panamanian people and abroad," he said.

This is the second time that Durán opens a restaurant, since a tavern named after him became popular in the capital city.

mano de piedra restaurant


Foto: EFE

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