Marissa Thompson gets first gold for Panama in Olympic Youth Games

Marissa Thompson
  • Comité Olímpico Panameño

Marissa Thompson made history by becoming the first Panamanian athlete to win a gold medal at the Youth Olympic Games.

The Panamanian, which competes in the equestrian sport in the team modality, guided North America to a victory over Europe and Africa, which had to settle for the silver and bronze medals.

Thompson did a perfect round with a time of 75.87 seconds to get the gold medal in her first performance of the Third Edition of the Youth Olympic Games, which are held in Argentina.

The athlete still plans to participate in the individual modality this Friday and Saturday in Buenos Aires, and could add a new medal after her performance this Tuesday.

The funny thing is that the medal of Marissa Thompson will not appear in the medal table, as there is no official box of medals of these Games.

The reason for this, according to the organizers of the event, is to give it more importance as a sports festival than a competition between nations.

This was revealed in the official Twitter account of the Games, in which they state: "the emphasis is on equally celebrating the efforts of all the athletes. They give their best to inspire young people from all over the world to embrace the sport. To participate in Buenos Aires 2018 is already to win".


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