Marta withdraws temporarily from soccer

  • Orlando Pride

The Brazilian player who currently plays for Orlando Pride of the North American League announced that she will not play this season with her team because she wants to dedicate herself to her family. The important announcement was published in the soccer payer's Instagram account, who has been named 6 times by FIFA as the best in the world.

"I communicate to all an important decision: this year, I am going to dedicate myself to my family. After all, the family is always first. Thank you for always supporting me, "wrote the Brazilian player.

After the announcement, the athlete has not given more detail of this break in his career, which has set off alarms about their participation in the women's World Cup, which will take place in France next June. Marta is considered one of the World Cup's biggest attractions biggest at and the undisputed the Canarinha team's star.

Despite the uncertainty regarding the soccer player's future, the Brazilian national team coach, Oswaldo Fumeiro Alvarez known as Vadao, did confirm the player's attendance in the 5th edition of the She Believes Cup, a tournament that is played every March in the United States and that faces the locals against three invited teams. This year, it will be made up of teams from England, Brazil, Japan and the host team from the United States.

Marta Viera Da Silva, one of the greatest exponents of women's soccer, has been a professional in this sport since 2000 and has been a member of 10 teams from her native Brazil and the United States. With the Brazilian team, she played the Under 19 World Championship in 2 opportunities and the one in the majors in 4 editions, she also won the Gold medal in the 5 editions of the Copa America that she played. She has also participated in 4 Olympic games where she was able to get the silver medal with her team two times.

Marta who just turned 33, takes a break in her career, which for many is the announcement of her soon definitive retirement. However, it is expected that the player will give us one more participation in the next World Cup, a tournament that she would assume with the illusion of getting a World Cup with her country before finishing her career.

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