Mayweather knocks out Nasukawa in an exhibition fight

Mayweather knocks out Nasukawa in an exhibition fight
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Former boxer Floyd Mayweather junior beat Japanese Tenshin Nasukawa for a technical knockout in just two minutes shortly before starting 2019.

Mayweather, who was champion in five different categories, and retired from 2017 with a record of 50 wins without defeats, faced the young Nasukawa, a 21-year-old kickboxer, who was also undefeated, with 28 wins in the same number of fights in a scheduled soirée at three-round and three minutes each round.

The former US fighter said he would win a total of nine million dollars for that fight, at a rate of one million dollars for every minute, if it lasted three rounds.

However, the reality was different, because after a delay of two hours at the start of the fight due to the late arrival of Mayweather, Tenshin was not at any time an opponent for "Money Mayweather," who started the fight by playing a little with his rival.

When Mayweather decided to make it serious, he sent his opponent to the ropes with his first punch to make it count. Later, he made him feel the power of his fists again and knocked him down a couple of times until the Japanese team stopped the fight a minute before closing the first round.

Mayweather was responsible for clarifying that the fight was just an exhibition and that would not count for the record of either of the two competitors, who still remain undefeated.

This is the second entertainment fight for the American, who already fought and was defeated in another exhibition in 2017 against the mixed martial arts champion, Conor McGregor.

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