Mexico beats South Korea and moves to the second round

Carlos Vela
  • Carlos Vela
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The Mexican national team beat South Korea 2-1 in a very busy match and with options for both teams and managed to qualify for the second round of the 2018 World Cup.

The Aztec team faced a very well organized defense Asian team and with height advantage, while it had to be used thoroughly every time the South Koreans tried a counterattack, always at the feet of Song, their main player.

The game was locked in the first minutes, with a South Korea that was not afraid to hit the Mexican attackers every time they were in danger.

The imbalance in the scoreboard came in the 23rd minute, when South Korean defense handled the ball in the penalty area. Carlos Vela, two minutes later, would be in charge of breaking the parity on the scoreboard.

That goal turned the Mexico-South Korea match into the 28th consecutive game without a goalless draw, which is already a record in World Cups.

The second part maintained the same tone, with both side attacks, until a Mexican counterattack in the 66th minute left three attackers in front of two defenders. Harold Lozano gave the ball to Javier "Chicharito" Hernández, who cut in to score the 2-0 and his 50th goal with the Mexican shirt.

The last minutes of the match were for South Korea, who sought, more desperately than with ideas, to score the discount to try to find the draw.

The clearest was in the 75th minute, when an error by Rafa Márquez returning the ball to goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa was about to become a goal.

However, there was time for attacker Heung-min Son, the most incisive of South Korea, to win a prize for his insistence. He managed to discount when receiving a ball in the edge of the area and to beat with a shot from left of the goal of Ochoa for the 2-1 final.

The Mexican victory was good and convincing in his second match of this Group F, where it was not expected at this point to be the first team in the leaderboard.


Germany beats Sweden and keeps hopes alive

Aficionados alemanes
German fans watch the FIFA World Cup 2018 match between Germany and Sweden / EFE

Germany won Sweden  2-1 with a goal from Toni Kroos at the last minute and maintained their chances of moving to the second round of the 2018 World Cup, showing recovery after being beaten by Mexico in the opening match of Group F.

The German team knew that they had to look for the three points and from the initial whistle they turned over territory of Sweden, which defended itself with all the resources at their disposal.

Such was the domain that for much of the first half the statistic indicated that Germany had control of the ball for 70% of the time.

However, in football whoever dominates more or who plays prettier is not the winner, but whoever scores the goals, and that is what Ola Toivonen did in the 31st minute, when he received a filtered pass to the area and ended up beating with a soft touch to goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.

The goal was like cold water for the Germans, who tried to recover quickly from the disadvantage, but without ideas, while Sweden took a little more space on the court.

The break came at just the right moment, and three minutes after the second half started, Marco Reus connected a ball in the center of the area and pushed it gently to put the tie on the scoreboard.

Ten minutes from the end, Jerome Boateng received his second yellow card in the match, so he was sent off and left Germany with ten players.

However, Toni Kroos appeared in the 95th minute, on the last play of the game, and fitted in the far post of goalkeeper Olsen a free-kick from one side of the big area to add the three points and leave for the last day the definition of those who will enter the round of 16, because despite their six points, Mexico is not yet mathematically classified.

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