Panama announces player list for friendlies against Japan and South Korea


The Panamanian national team coach, Gary Stempel, announced the list of players who will participate in the friendly matches next October against their counterparts from Japan and South Korea.

The “canalero” coach opted on this occasion for players who play in foreign clubs, since only three of the 20 on the list participate in the local league.

The calls to participate in this double FIFA date are goalkeepers Luis Mejía and José Calderón; defenders Michael Amir Murillo, Harold Cummings, Fidel Escobar, Adolfo Machado, Erick Davis, Francisco Palacio and Luis Ovalle; midfielders Aníbal Godoy, Gabriel Gómez, José Luis Rodríguez, Edgar Yoel Bárcenas, Ricardo Ávila, Miguel Camargo, Armando Cooper and Cristian Martínez; and the forwards Gabriel Torres, Abdiel Arroyo and Rolando Blackburn.

The team will travel on October 6 to Los Angeles, from where they will depart the next day to Japan.

The first match will be against the Japanese team on Friday, October 12 at the Niigata Stadium at 5:30 in the morning, Panamanian time.

Later they will travel to South Korea to face the local team on Tuesday 16 at six in the morning Panamanian time at the Cheon-An Sport Complex.

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