Panama attributes its victory over Puerto Rico to the intense work of the team

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  • Thu, 02/07/2019 - 13:02
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Couch of Toros de Herrera of Panama, Manuel Rodríguez, said Wednesday that the victory achieved against Cangrejeros de Santurce by 8-7 is the result of keeping playing with intensity in the Caribbean Series that takes place at the Rod Carew National Stadium.

"Thanks to God we played very hard these days and we got the victory", first against the Dominican Republic 3-1 and now to Puerto Rico, Rodríguez told the press once the game was over.

He added that the pitchers played an important role in this second victory, as well as the emerging hitters "who contributed with their grain of sand by providing the necessary hits at the right time".

Rodríguez also highlighted the trust he has always had in his closer pitcher Many Corpas, as well as in all the players that make up the team, because, "I know the quality of them".

The Panamanian strategist indicated at the end of the second game that "we had to put all the meat in the spit because we were up" on the scoreboard.

He added that now that Panama maintains its unbeaten, what remains is "to keep working because this has not ended yet, but we are giving this satisfaction to the people".

Rodríguez said that what has been achieved so far "is due to these guys (from the team) who have been working hard since two or three months ago in their participation in the Latin American Series played in Mexico. It helped them a lot".

"And this is the result of the joint work with which we have Panama in the first place" of Group B, along with Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, he said.

On the comeback in the ninth episode in which the victory was taken, Rodríguez said that it was basically because "the team never surrenders".

Manuel Corpas told to Acan-Efe that his second rescue of the tournament against Puerto Rico "is nothing new" because he has already been in these tight situations, and acknowledged that "it is not easy, especially when they are teams like Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic with that category".

"What has helped me to do my job in these two days is the intelligence and experience that I have in this", said Corpas, who stressed that it also helps him at the game time "patience and get to sing, because this is part of the business, to keep your mind fresh".

He explained that it also helped him to resort to the 3/4 pitch, below, "because I know those were pitches that they did not expect".

The closer said that with this second win "and this noise we have made I think it will attract more fans". 


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