Panama coach Gary Stempel warns that time is his worst enemy

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  • Mon, 01/07/2019 - 16:15
Panama coach Gary Stempel warns that time is his worst enemy
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The interim soccer coach of Panama, Gary Stempel, told Acan-Efe that today time is his biggest enemy and that for this weekend he will cut 10 players, for work with the team that will face United States, on January 27, in Glendale, Arizona.

"Of these 28 players I have to cut 10, and I have to do it fast, because I need to work with a team, it's not ideal, but this is the situation and it's not the first time I have a challenge like this in Panamanian soccer", said Stempel.

The English-Panamanian strategist announced that in the weekend will announce the cut-off list of the Panamanian team.

"I have a maximum of 12 working days to assemble a totally new team, I will cut it from what I see, from the players that interest me and the players who know how to do something with the ball", said the winning coach of the Nations Cup in 2009.

Stempel said Monday's that the training at Rommel Fernandez, in the Panamanian capital, was something different from others, because "it's a preseason for many, all come from a break".

"We have to be very careful to balance the physical work with what they do in their clubs", said the interim coach of the Panamanian national team.

Stempel and his coaching staff on their first day of training demanded something from the players in the physical part, to then work with the handling of the ball with various parts of the body and close with a game in reduced space.

"I have not worked with many of these players, they have not worked together as a team and the best way to work fast and draw a conclusion from the players is with the ball, and that we will do all week", he said.

He reiterated that this match is "trial and error" and "an opportunity for the local players to show themselves wearing the shirt of the Panama national team".

The selection of Panama began on Monday with a group of 26 players, because the two that play at Sporting San Miguelito are with their team in preseason in Costa Rica.

In the training were present players José Fajardo, Gabriel Gómez and Michael Amir Murillo, who asked permission to practice with the selection, before joining their respective clubs. 


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