Panama drops a position in FIFA ranking


The Panamanian soccer team lost a place in the world ranking elaborated monthly by FIFA and is now located in 70th place.

The “canalero” team comes from losing in a friendly match 2-0 against their Venezuelan counterpart, and that loss affected their ranking in comparison to the previous month, going from 1,343 to 1,339.

In this publication, Panama ranks as the sixth best selection in CONCACAF, behind Mexico (15), the United States (22), Costa Rica (37), Jamaica (53) and Honduras (62).

However, the national team will have the opportunity to readdress and re-climb positions during the month of October, when it will play friendly matches against Japan on the 12th, and South Korea on the 16th.

At the top of the table, Belgium and France share first place with 1,729 points, followed by Brazil, Croatia, Uruguay, England, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain and Denmark, who complete the top ten places in the world ranking.

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