Panama shows improvement in tie against South Korea

Selección de Panamá
  • EFE

The Panamanian soccer team showed improvement in their performance and came from behind to draw two goals in the friendly match played on Tuesday against South Korea in the city of Cheonan.

Unlike the match against Japan last Friday, the “canalero” team was more offensive in a game that was also less locked, and that was sentenced in the first 50 minutes.

Park Joo-Ho again stripped the shortcomings in the Panamanian defense to open the scoring in the sixth minute of the game, when he was profiled in the penalty area and scored to the left wing, right of goalkeeper Luis Mejía.

The minutes that followed were of alternate domain of both teams, which nevertheless generated little danger.

The locals extended the scoring in the 33rd minute, when Hwang In-Beom fired from the right from inside the penalty arc to leave Mejía helpless.

The Panamanian response was to advance the lines and seek to cut the distance, something they achieved before going to half time. Abdiel Arroyo managed to connect a cross from the center by Armando Cooper and beat the South Korean goalkeeper.

Panama maintained the tone at the start of the second half, and in the 49th minute they won the insistence prize, with the equalizer by Rolando Blackburn, who managed to connect a ball in the center of the area with his right leg.

At a statistical level, the South Koreans had more ball possession, with 60% control, but it was Panama who took the most advantage of the shots on goal they produced in the match.


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