The Panama soccer team stepped on gas and plays soccer

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  • Tue, 01/08/2019 - 15:19
The Panama soccer team stepped on gas and plays soccer
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The Panama national team stepped on the gas today, facing the friendly match when visiting the United States on January 27.

On the second day of training, it is notorious the hence of Panamanian interim coach, Gary Stempel, to define the group of players, before the 10-cut.

The Panamanian cast jumped into the battered Rommel Fernandez stadium from 07:00 local time (12:00 GMT) to do the previous stretching exercises, led by the physical trainer of the coaching staff the Colombian Mauricio Palomino, for the coming activity, full-court soccer.

Stempel did not waste time, there was no ball job or reduced spaces, but he sent his faithful squire Pascual "Chato" Ramirez to distribute green shirts and divide the teams and then give instructions to players in the soccer field.

"The cut will be based on what I see, the players that interest me and the players who know to accomplish something with the ball" were the precise words of the Panamanian coach during the first work day.

Well, that's Stempel. He stood near the left sideline of the field. He stared at each movement of his players, always taking notes and commenting with Ramirez, much the same as a teacher who relies on his team to better understand what he sees and not make mistakes on the best player selection.

In the field, the players gave something more, looking at the new Costa del Este forward, Edson Samms, who managed to score and take the Panamanian coach praise.

"It's barely the second day, but the group is committed their job," the player said.

There is no doubt that Stempel reflects his ideas in the way the teams play, in the training, in the game by the bands, the diagonals to the center of the field and the floor balls bottom line. That was the tone in the day.

Stempel's ultimatum to the players: "Of these 28 players, I have to cut 10" This will be done during the weekend and has put a challenge in the players. It makes the group get in the mood and put on the red shirt of Panama against the Americans.

"It's a healthy competition, it's something difficult because you compete with excellent players, but everyone's mentality is determined to give the best and being able to represent Panama," Samms said.

The "bocatoreño" clarified that Stempel has explained what he wants to all the players, as an impartial judge would.

"The teacher has talked with everyone, has not spoken with players individually, has given us full confidence, we have fun and do the best on the court," he said.

The group of players was supported today by other players, including World Cup contenders Michael Amir Murrillo and Fidel Escobar and Al-Kawkab player of Saudi Arabia soccer, Jose Fajardo.

The Panamanian cast plans to travel on January 24 to Arizona, via Houston, but before completing two weeks of work in the country, then face their first friendly match of 2019, against the also renewed team of the United States. 


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