Panamanian Árabe Unido travels to Jamaica to close key of quarter finals

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  • Wed, 08/08/2018 - 19:46
Arabe Unido
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The Panamanian Árabe Unido left today for Jamaica to play against Jamaican Arnett Gardens to close its key in the second leg of the quarter finals of the CONCACAF League.

The Panamanian team played a return visit to the Jamaican team with a 3-0 lead, a result that occurred in the first leg of the key, last week in Panama.

In the first leg, the Árabe Unido scored defender Chin Hormechea twice, and Jonathan Murillo hit the final score.

Árabe Unido, led by Colombian Carlos Ruiz, will arrive today in Kingston, Jamaica, to later define the hour of training and press conference in the Caribbean country, according to the the club of the Central American country.

Panama’s Árabe Unido squad is complete, including former striker of the national soccer and World Cup player, Blas Pérez, in its list of active players.

The team that manages to advance this round will face CD FAS of El Salvador, which on Tuesday tied a one-duel on its leg match and beat Pérez Zeledon of Costa Rica, in an exciting game.


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