Panamanian athletics will elect new authorities in February

fepat elecciones
  • @fepatpanama

The Panamanian Athletics Federation called for elections on February 15 to renew its authorities for the period 2019-2022, with the participation of three groups.

The electoral process is convened at the headquarters of the Panamanian Olympic Committee, where the participation of the different leagues will be verified.

The current president of the Committee, Elmer Ortiz, will opt for reelection, despite the fact that he had indicated that he would not stay at the head of the committee that rules for athletic activity in the country.

His proposal is based on looking for unity within the sport and promoting the changes that he could not achieve in the period that is about to end, he attributed this to the patriarchal structure that prevails in many of the leagues.

His rivals will be the former president of the Federation, Ricardo Sasso, and Mario Quintero, who served as treasurer in the management of Elmer Ortiz until he was disqualified.

Sasso announced that he will bet on the communication with the athletes, which has broken with the current management, and with the work in the smaller divisions since Panama must face in the medium term demanding competitions that require the new generations' support.

It is worth noting that the electoral process had to be held last December.

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