Panamanian national soccer players threaten not to dispute Asian tour


The Panamanian Association of Professional Soccer Players (AFUTPA) put the Federation that governs the sport in check, by threatening not to attend the call for friendly matches against Japan and South Korea if a series of demands is not met.

In a statement, the body rejected that its president, former player Juan Ramón Solís Barragán, was removed by force from the Agustín "Muquita" Sánchez stadium from the city of La Chorrera on September 21, which was listed as a reprisal for the efforts he has been making in search of minimum working conditions for professional soccer players.

In the text, they make two requests, the first of them signing an agreement between the Panamanian Socer Federation (FEPAFUT), the Panamanian Soccer League (LPF), the National Promotion League (LNA) and professional footballers to ensure compliance with the minimum regulations established by the FIFA.

The second is to complete the negotiations of the list of demands that AFUTPA has made with the Federation and the clubs, including the establishment of a work contract, the creation of the National Dispute Resolution Chamber, the improvement of salaries, guarantees for female football, reserve and National Promotion League, as well as the statutes of the FEPAFUT.

The statement closes pointing out that if these requests are not met as soon as possible, they will be forced to "take measures" regarding the Asian tour scheduled for next October.

The statement was supported by several players of the national team, such as Edgar Yoel Bárcenas, José Calderón and Felipe Baloy, who published the same on their social networks.


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