Panamanian players can not have sex during the 2018 World Cup Russia

Harold Cummings- Seleccion futbol panamá
  • Harold Cummings, Defensa Selección de Fútbol de Panamá - Foto:@fepafut

Representing Panama during the 2018 World Cup Russia is a great honor, but also a great sacrifice for the players of the national team.

As confirmed in a press conference by the head coach, Harold Cummings, coach Hernán Darío "Bolillo" Gómez will not allow his players to have sex during the month, as other teams have imposed.

Cummings said that "as in all selections, there are restrictions, and that you mention is one of them", when asked by journalists.

The San Jose defender Earthqueakes of the American Major League Soccer indicated that if they want to perform during the World Cup in Russia, they must make sacrifices, and sex is one of them.

The discussion on whether it is beneficial or harmful to have sex during high competition events has gained relevance in recent years, but more and more are choosing to veto that possibility to its members.

In the case of Panama, the measure is not without its controversy, since it is a debutante team that has not been very well stopped in the friendly matches prior to the World Cup, with three defeats and a draw, zero goals in favor and eight against.

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