Pandeportes responds to criticism from the International Olympic Committee

Mario Pérez
  • Pandeporte Redes Sociales

The Panamanian Sports Institute responded to the criticism received by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), regarding a series of measures that would go against the autonomy of the national federations and that could cost the country some type of sanction.

Mario Perez, general director of Pandeportes, described the statements made by the governing body of the world Olympic sport in the letter sent on September 19 as "disrespectful".

The OIC specifically referred to the implementation of the statutes of the Panamanian sports federations ahead of the next general internal elections, with the aim of not repeating past mistakes.

In the communiqué, Pandeportes states: "for us, such statements are considered to be of the most disrespectful nature with which an international sports organization may refer to the Government of a Nation, especially since it has not submitted, documents, testimonies, applications or some other means of evidence, as we have indicated, that infer such assertions".

The sports director added that Pandeportes "has always supported the IOC legally, economically and logistically, as well as the different Sports Federations, which is why we believe that the unfounded assessments that have been submitted are not in keeping with the precepts of the Olympic Movement, nor of the principles of good governance".

He concluded by noting that "The Panamanian Sports Institute is not carrying out an electoral, administrative or technical sports event that is detrimental to the Sports Federations, the National Olympic Committee and much less to the athletes."

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