Real Madrid and Barcelona draw in the Copa del Rey

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  • Fri, 02/08/2019 - 13:43
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Real Madrid and Barcelona sealed a new chapter of their eternal clash last Wednesday, in the start of the semifinals of the Copa del Rey of Spain. The appointment was at the Camp Nou and after ninety minutes, sealed a draw to one goal per side that leaves the whites with advantage for the return at home.

Madrid arrived with troubles after a very irregular season in which Lopetegui was dismissed, Isco does not find his place in the starting lineup, they are far from the top in the league, Solari does not convince at all, Marcelo is increasingly far from his better state of form ... All this together with the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo towards Juventus and the farewell of Zinedine Zidane after three consecutive Champions.

Barcelona opened their stadium waiting for a Madrid touched before its powerful current image, with Messi in the bank after some pain in the abductor and with a solid block even without Coutinho at 100%. The visit surprised them with a Lucas Vásquez from the start, who appeared in the area as "9" to pocket Benzema's pass and overtake his team on the scoreboard.

Hard punch for a Barcelona that was out of order and was complicated by the constant attacks of Vinicius, only contained by Semedo at one time or another, but prevented the bleeding was greater and covered the back of Busquets more than once.

Another unexpected hero appeared on the field and scored the draw against Keylor and the white behind: Malcom. That player who has seen few minutes and who had only completed 5 dribbles in the whole season, before Madrid completed another 5 in 75 minutes, taking advantage of the low level that Marcelo currently presents.

Messi entered and in response Solari sent Casemiro, to cover a tired Llorente who also went out touched and will be off at least 3 weeks. The Brazilian never found his place in the field and Messi did what he knows to do, this time with greater freedom before the misalignment of midfield merengue.

1-1 and wait until the return at the Bernabéu, possibly claim the presence of Isco, so to retain the ball, maintain the draw that benefits them and eliminate Barcelona, all in the same day. Perhaps they applaud Solari, who with all the pragmatism and tradition of reserved soccer has given balance and form to a disoriented team in the first stage of the season.


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