The Reasons why Mariano Rivera will enter the Hall of Fame

Mariano Rivera
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Mariano Rivera will enter the Baseball Hall of Fame of the Major Leagues, there's no doubt about that. Expectations are in if he will do so unanimously, to become the first to enter that way.

This was not achieved by emblematic figures of the game such as Babe Ruth, considered the father of modern baseball, or Nolan Ryan, one of the most dominant pitchers of all time and historical leader in hitting punches and non-hitters thrown.

But what makes the Panamanian a member of the Hall of Fame?

1.- His performance in regular season: Mariano Rivera is the greatest historical savior, with 652 rescues and an adjusted effectiveness of 2.20, which makes him the most effective closer who has stepped on the mounds.

In addition, he did everything with the uniform of the New York Yankees, which gives him an additional advantage at the level of advertising.

His straight cut ball was the tool that took him to glory, to the point that all hitters knew he was going to throw it, but very few could hit it.

2.- His postseason numbers: If the regular season performance was excellent, in the postseason he extended that dominance, which helped the Yankees to win five World Series.

He saved 42 of 47 games in the postseason and left a 0.70 ERA on the way to establish brands that will be very difficult to overcome, because he had a number of unrepeatable factors, such as his talent and a team that managed to be competitive during the 19 seasons of his career as a Major League player.

3.- His personality: Mariano Rivera is a quiet and humble guy, who has never been involved in scandals, and knew how to transfer that tranquility to the playing fields, which however did not translate into the perception of being a cold and calculating pitcher.

Once, consulted by a journalist about feeling nervous about being in a compromised situation, Rivera pointed out that he felt nervous when he was a little boy and his dad -a fisherman- returned with no fish in the nets.

So humble is this future member of the Hall of Fame, where he will accompany Rod Carew. So great is his deed.

All take for granted that he will exceed the maximum vote to date, the 99.3% that Ken Griffey junior obtained at his moment, and the bets go by the possibility that it is exalted with the vote of all journalists of the Association of Baseball Writers.

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