Russia 2018 comes to an end amid anecdotes

  • Romelu Lukaku, Delantero de la Selección de Bélgica
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Although sports monopolize news headlines, throughout a month in a World Cup also anecdotes are collected, and in Russia 2018 it is not different at all.

In sports, St. Petersburg is preparing to receive the game for the third place between Belgium and England, and Moscow for the grand final which will be played by the national teams of France and Croatia.

England dazzled with a young team that is 25 years on average; Belgium with a tactical approach that surprised even the experts; France did not lower the pace at any time of the tournament; and Croatia put its heart to it to succeed with three consecutive extensions.

But also, a review of these stories behind Russia 2018 should be made.

The childhood of Romelu Lukaku

The Belgian forward of Congolese origin, Romelu Lukaku, made the news after his life story became known. His mother mixed milk with water in order to make their meals of bread and milk last longer. That realization made him determined to become a professional player as soon as possible to build a better life for himself and his family.

Lukaku, who told that he had rats running in his apartment and was a victim of discrimination in minor categories, played them at age 12, when he told his coach to give him a chance and he would pay him back with goals. He completed 76 days in 34 games, leading his team to the championship.

At age 16, he signed his contract with Anderlecht, and since then he took off to earn millions a year and replenish his mother's sacrifices during his childhood.

The nobility of Japan

Japan gave a show of nobility after their elimination by Belgium in the round of 16.

The players approached their fans to greet them after the match and responded politely to all the requirements made by the journalists, as they did every time they won.

Despite the disappointment over the defeat, the players picked up and cleaned their costumes at the Rostov-on-Don stadium and left a thank-you sign in Russian for the staff working in the tournament.


Panama’s tears of joy for the debut

The emotion of Panama’s debut in the 2018 World Cup was experienced all over the country, but the person in charge of transmitting it publicly was sports commentator Miguel Angel Remón, from RPCTV, who was moved to tears when listening to the Panamanian anthem for the first time in a World Cup.

Remón broke into tears with the first chords of the national anthem and had to be comforted by his partner in the television broadcast, in some images that he subsequently posted on his social networks.


Many anecdotes like these accompanied the 32 teams that devoted themselves to pursue a title that will remain in the hands of France or Croatia.

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