RUSSIA WORLD CUP: Fans from Colombia, Panama and Peru face biggest World Cup tabs

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  • Mon, 03/12/2018 - 18:24
Russia 2018
  • Sputnik Nóvosti

Fans of the Colombian, Panamanian and Peruvian national teams are looking at the biggest bills to attend the 2018 World Cup in Russia, a new study found. The three Latin American teams' fans are looking at average tabs of about 3,000 euros ($3,692) per person for air travel, tickets, lodging and food, vacation rental search engine HometoGO said in a report.

Colombian soccer fans are looking at an average cost of 3,646 euros ($4,487) to attend the World Cup, while Panamanian fans are looking at an average tab of 3,228 euros ($3,973) and fans from Peru will shell out about 2,987 euros ($3,676) to cheer on their team.

HomeToGo included the cost of tickets to three matches during the group phase at an average cost of 408 euros ($502) for foreigners.By comparison, Russian fans will shell out just 80 euros ($98) for a similar ticket package.In its calculation, factored in two meals per day and two beers per day per fan.

The biggest item in soccer fans' travel budgets will be air fares, with the cost of flights from Colombia to Russia averaging about 1,541 euros ($1,897) one way.

One-way air fares from Brazil to Russia will average about 1,140 euros ($1,403), while fans from Panama and Peru will pay around 1,000 euros ($1,231).

The study did not take into account return air fares because the cost will depend on how far each team makes it at the World Cup, which starts on June 14.

Russian fans who want to follow their team throughout the World Cup group phase are looking at an average cost of about 1,000 euros ($1,231) per person for match tickets, travel, lodging, food and beverages, as study HomeToGo said.

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