San Antonio Spurs dismantles its team of cheerleaders in the name of equality

Silver Dancers Spurs
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The era of cheerleaders in sports, women with beautiful faces and attractive bodies dancing during the idle times, is beginning to disappear, in the name of mixed shows aimed at the whole family.

The NBA basketball team, San Antonio Spurs, became the first franchise to eliminate their team of cheerleaders, the Silver Dancers. This group, running for 26 years, will be replaced immediately by "a mixed group of entertainment with shows for the whole family," according to the team.

"Spurs Sports & Entertainment will have a 35-member team at the beginning of 2018-2019 that will elevate the gaming experience and enliven the audience with unique shows for the whole family that will include acrobatics and dancing," the franchise explained.

The decision comes after a series of allegations of sexual abuse in sports that were an example of those that began in Hollywood against producer Harvey Wenstein and that has become a movement called Me Too.

As background in the sport is the complaint presented by the New York Times, which revealed that during a trip to Costa Rica in 2013 the Wasington Redskins cheerleaders were forced to pose nude or with their body painted for a photo shoot with several sponsors present in the place. Or also the complaints filed by the cheerleaders of the New Orleans Saints and the Miami Dolphins for discrimination.

However, some US media have indicated that the decision of the team was due to the little interest that the public has shown in this type of shows.

The members of the group founded in 1991 expressed their sadness when they heard the news, and did not hesitate to describe their passage through the Silver Dancers as a very important phase in their lives.

They also received support from their followers, who sent requests to their social networks so they would not be eliminated as part of the show and what they mean to the best basketball in the world.

This first step that the San Antonio Spurs gave could be replicated in the short term by other NBA teams and the professional American sport that prefer to be safe than sorry.



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