San Francisco and Costa del Este launch sixth date of the LPF

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  • Thu, 08/30/2018 - 17:37
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The sixth day of the 2018 Apertura tournament of the Panamanian Football League will start this Friday with the duel between the San Francisco monks, led by the Colombian Andrés Domínguez, and the Costa del Este, that comes from winning their first three points in the first division.

San Francisco runs second in the standings from falling on the last date, defeat that sent the team to second place with nine units, while Costa Del Este won his first game last time at the table.

The Costa del Este team reach six points and are fourth in the standings, thanks to an improper lineup of the Independent Athletic Club (CAI) on the fifth date, completed last Sunday.

On soccer Saturday in Panama two games are scheduled.

Precisely the CAI, which is ninth in the table with five points, will face the University Club, which runs third with seven points.

The Universitario will try to cheer the squad after its elimination in the Concacaf League at the hands of Club Sport Herediano of Costa Rica, last Wednesday, while the current champion of Panamanian football wants to bar the way, after the sanction imposed.

The closing of the Saturday session will be in the hands of the current leader of the tournament, the Santa Gema with Mario Anthony "Chalate" Torres as helmsman.

Those of Arraiján, west of the Panamanian capital, will visit the "lions" of the Plaza Amador, which is seventh in the ranks, and want to give the leader a slap and get into positions of qualifiers.

Of the Sunday session of the LPF, the clash between the Tauro F.C. and the Arab Kingdom of Colón is the most attractive.

Outside of the fact that the bulls of Spanish Juan Carlos García walk in the bottom of the table with two points and the Colón team led by the Colombian Carlos Ruiz are sixth, with six whole, the match is attractive since it will be played by the two most winning teams in Panamanian soccer.

The Tauro has 13 titles in its showcases, while Árabe Unido has 15 champion trophies.

The other game scheduled for Sunday will be between Sporting San Miguelito and Alianza F.C.

San Miguelito players have had a good start of the tournament placing in the fifth box with six units. Alliance is eighth with the same number of points, but a goal difference of minus one.

The 2018 Apertura tournament of the LPF, with the participation of ten sports clubs, includes 18 days of games and the final is scheduled for Friday, November 9.


Source: EFE

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