Super Bowl LIII: The duel between experience and youth

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The Super Bowl 53, which will take place this Sunday at the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta, will give us a very interesting duel between experience and youth, from all points of view, although it will face on the field two very compact teams, which they did everything in the regular season to earn the right to be called champions.

On the one hand we have the Rams of Los Angeles, who have just moved to California for three years, although in the past they already won a Super Bowl when they were a franchise based in San Luis.

On the other hand we have the all-powerful New England Patriots, who have established a kind of hegemony since 2002, it have won five titles and have been a constant guest at the last game of the year.

As for their coaches, the Massachusets have Bill Belichick, who at 66 is twice the age of his Californian rival, but also has 28 years as head coach and 19 of them have been with the Patriots.

Sean McVay, despite having eleven years of experience in the league, adds just two to the front of a team, this Rams who has managed to earn the respect of all, and partly has been thanks to the strategy implemented by his coach.

Their records also speak for them: Belichick has 261 wins and 123 losses in the regular season and 30-11 in the playoffs, while McVay has 24 wins and eight setbacks in the regular season and 2-1 in the playoffs.

In the field they will also be in the same situation.

Tom Brady, 41, will become the oldest quarterback to ever play a Super Bowl, but after winning everything, including five Vince Lombardi trophies, it's very unlikely that nerves will betray him.

On the other side we have Jared Goff, who at 24 wants to make history in Atlanta as his rival did at the beginning of the century.

Both had similar numbers in the regular season in terms of yards, passes to goal and scores, but there is a statistic that attracts attention, and it is the one of the catches, in which it is demonstrated that the Rams' marshal was hit hardest (33 vs 28).

Despite all this, analysts believe that Super Bowl 53 will be defined by the offensive teams more than the defense they can apply.

Only one will raise the Vince Lombardi trophy this year, after four periods and a half-season in which Maroon 5, Boy Boi and Travis Scott will be in charge of animating the most watched event in the United States.

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