Switzerland routed Panama 6-0, "Bolillo’s" tactical scheme failed

Panama Vs Suiza
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The Panamanian soccer team was routed over a scandalous 6-0 by Switzerland at the Swissporarena in Lucerne, on an afternoon when the tactical scheme of the national coach, Colombian Hernán Darío "Bolillo" Gómez, failed.

Despite playing with five defenders, four midfielders and a single attacker, the court only had one owner: the Swiss team.

The Panamanian resistance lasted 22 minutes, until the Bologna midfielder, Blerim Dzemaili violated the goal area protected by Jaime Penedo. The score would increase nine minutes later, in the 31st, with the execution of a penalty by Granit Xhaka after a childish foul of Román Torres inside the area over Dzemaili.

A new defense failure would leave the way open for Brel Embolo to score the 3-0 in the 33rd minute. With no response from his team, "Bolillo" included Joel Bárcenas in exchange for Miguel Camargo, although the player would not make differences.

The scoring would become scandalous in the 39th minute, thanks to a goal from Steven Zuber, who knew how to take advantage of a rebound inside the area to throw the ball deep into the net.

With the match sentenced, coach Gómez included Roberto Nurse in the second half to replace Gabriel Torres, Alberto Quintero in exchange for Michael Amir Murillo, and Armando Cooper to replace Ricardo Ávila, although they could do little to lift the mood and at least make up the result.

The fifth goal was scored at the feet of Josip Drmic, who received a ball deep behind the defense, took off a defender with a dribble and beat Penedo, who could do nothing to avoid a new fall of his net.

The scandalous goal of 6-0 came in the 68th minute, again with a Swiss lead defeating the Panamanian defenders, this time with a series of passes to the edge of the big area, where Fabián Frei, unopposed, scored the last goal of the match.

"Bolillo" must think a lot after this match, as his defense of five - which should be the main strength of Panama - was overwhelmed by the Swiss attackers, and Román Torres, the US Seattle Sounders and captain of the team, did not organize the team during the time he was on the court.

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