Tico Francisco Fonseca and Dominican Joan Vásquez top WBO ranking

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  • Mon, 10/29/2018 - 19:43
  • Francisco Fonseca and Joan Vásquez
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Costa Rican Francisco Fonseca (22-1-16 KO's) and Dominican Republic boxer Joan Vásquez (21-2-18 KO's) will fight next Wednesday in the capital of Panama for the super featherweight Latin title of the World Boxing Organization (WBO).

The match between Fonseca and Vásquez will be the star of the Zona Box boxing card, one of the core events of the 31st version of the WBO Annual Convention.

The event, which will be held at the Vasco Núñez de Balboa Convention Center at El Panama Hotel in the Panamanian capital, will present six high-level matches.

The co-main event on Wednesday night will be between Puerto Rican Jean Carlos "Chapito" Rivera (15-0-12 knockouts) and Mexican Jason Sánchez (12-0-6 knockouts).

The duel will be for the WBO World Junior Feather sash, said Puerto Rican Peter Rivera, representative of Best Boxing, organizer of the show, on Monday.

The match between Yenifel Vicente (33-3-2-25 knockouts) and Víctor Proa (29-5-22 knockouts) will be another of the events.

Argentine Agustín Gauto (9-0- 5 KO's) will fight against Colombian José Antonio Jiménez (20-9-1-9 KO's).

All these matches mentioned above will be ten rounds.

Eight rounds will be exchanged between Puerto Rican Jeyver Cintron (8-0-4 KO's) and Jonathan Arias (17-14-15 KO's).

The booklet, part of the Annual Convention of the WBO, will be completed with the fight between Panamanians Eliécer Tenorio (2-2-1 knockouts) and José Beitía (4-1-4 knockouts).

The convention of the World Boxing Organization (WBO) will be held from today until next Thursday in the capital of Panama.


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