Venezuelan Ángel Sánchez wants to transcend in Panamanian soccer history

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  • Fri, 11/30/2018 - 09:18
Venezuelan Ángel Sánchez wants to transcend in Panamanian soccer history
  • The coach of Costa del Este, the Venezuelan Ángel Sánchez and the Uruguayan coach of Tauro, Saúl Maldonado, embrace during a press conference in Panama City (Panama)
  • EFE

Ángel Sánchez, Costa del Este’s Venezuelan coach, the team that was promoted this year to the first division of Panamanian professional soccer, told EFE that playing the final of the 2018 Apertura tournament is a way to make his mark in the league of the Central American country.

"I have the opportunity to manage this great human group and have the opportunity to make history in Panamanian soccer, it would be nice to be champions in the first year we advance," said the coach at Independiente de Argentina and Celta de Vigo in Spain.

The coach and the team are "living a dream", but Sánchez acknowledges that he handles the situation with confidence because "I know I'm here today and maybe not tomorrow."

"We have a giant illusion, a commitment that is huge and we hope to consolidate all the effort on Saturday in the final," which they will play against Tauro, which is led by Uruguayan Saúl Maldonado.

But before the final, the coach of the "costeños" is modest and says: "Ángel Sánchez is only known at home, by his wife, mom and friends."

"Life has not changed at all for me, I'm still waking up very early for work, I'm still going to sleep late watching videos of games and preparing games, everything to improve the functioning of the team, I'm not drowning in money, I'm still calm and I enjoy of the moment," he added.

Sánchez has been in Panama for four years. He says that he has his formative soccer school here; it is called Trebol F.C., apart from the two years in front of the Costa del Este.

"In Venezuela I did a lot of formative soccer, in Argentina I did internships in Independiente and in Spain I trained and worked in Celta de Vigo, here in Panama, I've only been with Costa del Este, the club I love," he said.

The South American has won two finals with Costa del Este, both in the National Promotion League, which gave him the ticket to be in the Panamanian division of honor.

"I have made a deal with my players, I will make them better players, the only thing that has changed is that they make me a better coach," he said.

On Saturday's game against Tauro, Sánchez said that his team is small but without complexes, he knows they have much to gain and little to lose.

"We do not go with a victim’s spirit, but with the thoughts of a winning team, the weapons that we can harm Tauro with are going to be tuned this week, we will try to minimize that potential they have, we know that this is a very offensive team. They are the big team whereas we have very little to lose for this game," he said.

Sánchez, after the knockout game against San Francisco, found that they have to make adjustments if they want to raise the cup next Saturday.

"The knockout game against San Francisco leaves us with notes to take and correct, this has been done this week and Saturday it should be reflected on the pitch," he said.

The coach of the Costa del Este ponders the support of his leadership and the support of players who arrived in mid-season, which are fundamental at this stage of the tournament.

"We maintained the base since the promotion and we knew positions that we wanted to reinforce, because of the economic situation, all the reinforcements could not be made, the tournament started, we played well, but we did not have upper strength and our board believes in the process and supports us. The reinforcements came and helped us reach this privileged place," he said.


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