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  • Barcelona Madrid
  • Real Madrid and Barcelona draw in the Copa del Rey


    Real Madrid and Barcelona sealed a new chapter of their eternal clash last Wednesday, in the start of the semifinals of the Copa del Rey of Spain. The appointment was at the Camp Nou and after ninety minutes, sealed a draw to one goal per side that leaves the whites with advantage for the return at home

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  • Caroline Wozniacki
  • A disease could end Caroline Wozniacki's tennis career

    Mariel Gorrín

    The current WTP number 3 in the world, has spoken through his father and coach, Piotr Wozniacki, who revealed that the tennis player has an autoimmune disease in the bone joints called rheumatoid arthritis, which could definitely take her away from the courts

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  • Mourinho
  • Mourinho handed suspended prison, $2.3 million fine over tax fraud


    Former Real Madrid and Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho has accepted a deal with the Madrid prosecutor's office whereby he will avoid going to prison for tax fraud in exchange for paying a large fine of more than two million euros ($2.3 million), court sources told EFE on Tuesday

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