• 2018/08/15 20:11:32

    Panama is ready for digital financial industry

    Carlos Troetsch, Pdte. Asociación Bancaria de Panamá


    The Panamanian financial industry "does not fear" the entry of new digital and technological methods of doing business into the market, so it welcomes the modernization of the law of the sector, one of its main leaders told Efe today

  • 2017/12/05 22:10:39

    Panama: European Union ignores the country’s progress

     “Panama adopted the mechanism of automatic exchange consistent with the objectives of the Common Reporting Standard"

    Oscar Sulbarán

    The Juan Carlos Varela Administration recalled its ambassador to the European Union (EU), Dario Chirú, after the inclusion of Panama in a list of tax havens prepared by the EU. Through a communiqué the Isthmian Government described the list as discriminatory

  • 2016/09/01 09:34:00

    Panama to host a Business and Investment Meeting

    The meeting will promote the strengths, advantages and solidity of the Panamanian financial system

    Karina Lizcano

    In next October appointment, there will be discussed global and regional issues that affect the investment, the trade and the international business