Asamblea Nacional

  • 2019/02/01 12:22:12

    Varela calls as "historical milestone" the law that punishes tax evasion in Panama with jail



    The president of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela, signed on Thursday the prison sentence law for tax evasion and labeled it as a "historical and necessary"step for his country, which fights against the image of a tax haven

  • 2019/01/30 09:40:28

    Tax fraud will have more severe punishments in Panama from now on

    Fraude fiscal

    Alvaro Goncalves

    The National Assembly (NA) of Panama approved on Monday in the second debate a bill that raises tax evasion to criminal offense, with penalties of 2 to 5 years in prison to the taxpayer who evades more than $ 300,000 in taxes

  • 2019/01/21 19:44:46

    Martinelli and Varela wait for Panamanian justice

    Varela y Martinelli

    Alvaro Goncalves

    With the elections every day closer, the political landscape in Panama does not forget Ricardo Martinelli’s case, with six appeals filed against decisions taken by Jerónimo Mejía (former judge of guarantees) and a pending trial set on March 9 at 9 am at the SPA.

  • 2019/01/21 15:10:23

    WYD delays the discussion of fifth ballot

    Asamblea Panama

    Alvaro Goncalves

    Despite having been approved in the Cabinet Council, the fifth ballot proposed by Juan Carlos Varela may remain in the air as for this week, the National Assembly (AN) will be meeting only Monday and Tuesday, due to the World Day of the Youth (WYD) to be celebrated these days with the assistance of Pope Francis

2019/01/21 12:24:19
  • Venezuela: it’s now or never
  • Venezuela: it’s now or never


    The fate of Venezuela is probably in the hands of Juan Guaidó. He is a 35-year old National Assembly deputy, linked to Voluntad Popular, a party founded by Leopoldo López

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  • Varela ends his term with a controversial proposal
  • Varela ends his term with a controversial proposal


    It will take few time to finish the government of Juan Carlos Varela and after the controversy of the magistrates and their more than possible appointment under a new national leader, this Wednesday, the first working day of 2019, the president surprised everyone with the announcement of a consultation to reform the constitution, which has not been modified since 1972

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  • Extraordinary sessions have a "complicated" agenda
  • Extraordinary sessions have a "complicated" agenda

    Claudia Pita

    The National Assembly (AN) officially received the call to extraordinary sessions starting this Monday and until next December 31st in which topics such as the ratification of those appointed to magistrates and the State budget will be discussed

2018/11/23 11:29:02
  • CSJ
  • National Assembly will evaluate the names of Abel Zamorano and Olmedo Arrocha for the CSJ


    Abel Zamorano and Olmedo Arrocha are the names that enter the race to hold office as chief magistrates in the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ), after the announcement of the Cabinet Council last Tuesday. Zamorano must be filtered by the Legislative Branch to opt as chief magistrate of the Third Chamber of Administrative Litigation, while Arrocha would assume as chief magistrate of the Civil Chamber