• 2019/02/10 10:38:28

    Venezuela-Colombia border bridge bears witness to daily migrations

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    Thousands of Venezuelans have for years crossed the Simon Bolivar bridge connecting their nation with Colombia in search of cheaper and better quality products to bring back across the border but, nowadays, those daily migrants are increasingly focused on finding simple necessities like food and medicine, basic human needs that are considered a luxury in their crisis-rocked homeland

  • 2018/11/23 07:29:19

    Trump celebrates Thanksgiving and attacks Justice for "immigration crisis"

    El presidente de la Federación Nacional del Pavo, Jeff Sveen, y la primera dama estadounidense, Melania Trump participan en el acto de perdón por Acción de Gracias en la Casa Blanca


    President Donald Trump on Thursday congratulated Americans on Thanksgiving, a holiday that commemorates the time when European settlers and Native American Indians shared a table, and then charged the Justice for blocking their immigration restrictions

  • 2018/11/02 14:46:48

    Bolton says military on the border is a matter of "national security"



    US presidential adviser John Bolton today justified the deployment of up to 15,000 soldiers on the border with Mexico, saying in an interview with EFE that immigrants arriving in caravans must take "seriously" the issue, which considers "national security"

  • 2018/10/21 19:24:35

    Trump warns his government will turn away the caravan of immigrants



    US President Donald Trump said on Sunday that his government is making "full possible efforts" to stop "the onslaught of illegal aliens" from crossing the border with Mexico, and warned them that, if they arrive, the US authorities will not accept their entry

2018/10/21 13:59:24
  • Caravana
  • Honduran migrant caravan resumes trek toward US, but some return home


    Thousands of Honduran migrants who left their country in a caravan heading north to the US on Sunday resumed their journey after fulfilling Mexico's migration requirements to ensure that the US southern neighbor did not deport them if they had entered that country illegally

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  • Bridge
  • Costa Rica-Panama Bridge


    Vice Ministers of Public Works of Costa Rica and Panama Guiselle Alfaro and Erich Velásquez held a meeting on Thursday to fine-tune details to start with the construction of the Binational Bridge over the Sixaola River, with an investment of 17.5 million dollars, said today an official source

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