Carlos Alvarado

2018/08/28 15:13:31
2018/06/29 15:59:05
  • SICA
  • Five presidents will attend the SICA summit in Santo Domingo


    The presidents of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela, Costa Rica, Carlos Alvarado, Guatemala, Jimmy Morales, El Salvador, Salvador Sanchez and Dominican Republic, Danilo Medina as host, were summoned this Friday in Santo Domingo, to discuss mechanisms to increase their exports and investments within the framework of the summit of the Central American Integration System (SICA)

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  • Carlos Alvarado
  • Carlos Alvarado is the new president of Costa Rica


    The Supreme Electoral Court of Costa Rica announced the first results of the presidential elections of the Central American Country that showed an advantage for the government candidate, Carlos Alvarado

2018/03/31 13:23:56
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