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    Carnivals, the party in which the cases of HIV are triggered in Panama

    Carnivals, the party in which the cases of HIV are triggered in Panama


    Panama begins on Friday five days of frolicking and debauchery. The Carnivals are the most popular festivals in the Central American country and thousands of people move to the interior to celebrate them, but it is also the time of year when HIV infections are triggered

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    The best cartoons of the week (From February 12 to 16, 2018)



    Carnival celebrations marked the week for Panamanians; cartoonists not only portrayed the reality after the carnival festive season but also featured reports of violation of the electoral silence, on Valentine's Day and also highlighted what happened with the case of Panamanian former President Ricardo Martinelli

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    Carnival kicks off with culecos and comparsas


    Carnival celebration in Panama City kicks off with the comparsa "Alegría". After 18 years of work, it is included in a tradition that along with the so-called "culecos" is part of one of the most expected holidays by Panamanians, during the summer season of the Isthmus

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    Carnivals in Panama

    Culecos en la Cinta Costera

    Panamanians and foreigners visit different parts of the Isthmus to enjoy their holidays. "Carnavalear" is the main expression used by nationals at this time that highlights the "mojada" with the culecos, the carnival queen election as well as the musical shows performed in provinces such as Herrera, Los Santos, Coclé, Chiriquí, West Panama and Panama City

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  • The Transit and Land Transportation Authority is conducting a campaign on social networks for "responsible and tolerant driving"
  • Car flow in carnival

    During the weekend prior to carnival the authorities reported the flow to the interior of the country of more than 85,000 cars in addition to a figure of over 29,000 cars to Panama City. In that period, sanctions were imposed on 492 people for speeding

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  • Titan, Safe Summer 2018
  • 25,000 "FTC Ayuda" officials will be active for carnival


    The Panamanian Government started the operation called "Titan, Safe Summer 2018" that will be supported by members of State Security Institutions. More than 25,000 officials will be deployed from different forces. Spas, land and maritime routes, including the places to celebrate carnival will be permanently guarded by the Joint Task Force of Security and Tourism (FTC Aid)

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  • Carnivals in Panama between dead toll and income
  • Carnivals in Panama between dead toll and income

    Andrés Castellano

    At least 45 thousand foreign tourists enjoyed the popular celebrations that took place in the isthmus and concluded Wednesday with the "Entierro de la Sardina" (burial of the sardine)

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