• 2019/01/07 18:51:15

    Electoral Court: The fifth ballot is decided in 24 hours

    Tribunal Electoral

    Alvaro Goncalves

    Only one day is left for the Cabinet Council to debate on the law that could approve the Electoral Tribunal to integrate the fifth ballot in the elections on May 5, with the initiative to reform the Constitution as requested by outgoing President Juan Carlos Varela last January 2, after his presentation in the National Assembly

  • 2018/10/31 23:17:09

    What would you do as President?


    Oscar Sulbarán

    During the last months Panama Today has consulted the opinion of the country’s diverse public figures to know their impressions about the national reality, also on the eve of the 2019 General Elections it consulted its guests what actions should the new president do to fix the country's current situation.

  • 2018/09/05 15:48:50

    CD Deputy will sue newspaper La Prensa for $ 20 million

    Carlos Afú


    The Panamanian opposition deputy, Carlos Afú, announced today that he is going to sue the local newspaper La Prensa for 20 million dollars for alleged defamation in publications about alleged cases, but that the parliamentarian affirms have been filed and dismissed

  • 2018/07/28 17:31:51

    Everything is ready to hold primaries for CD of Panama, Martinelli’s party



    The Electoral Court of Panama said on Friday that everything is ready for the primaries to be held next August 12 in which the Cambio Democrático party (CD-opposition) will elect its presidential candidate for the 2019 general elections

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2018/04/02 14:21:20
  • asamblea
  • Panamanian Parliament continues discussion of Bill 514 this Monday

    Marietta Puche

    On Monday afternoon the plenary session of the National Assembly continues the second discussion of Bill 514, which seeks the non-applicability of the statute of limitations for crimes against public administration, so that corruption cases do not expire. On March 27, the parliamentarians declared themselves in permanent session and for today the different parties are expected to introduce new amendment bills to be submitted to vote, according to local media

2018/02/23 14:28:49
  • Asamblea
  • Ruling party rejects the reform of the Credentials Committee in Panama

    Marietta Puche

    The parliamentary group of the ruling Panameñista Party of Panama expressed today its rejection of the decision of the opposition majority to recompose a strategic legislative committee, reducing its presence from 4 to 2 deputies. The party regarded the decision as illegal and therefore it will file a legal protection before the Supreme Court

2018/01/29 21:38:44
  • Eleccione Partido Popular
  • “Partido Popular” chooses the delegates


    “Partido Popular” carried out the process of internal elections to choose 250 delegates in 75 educational centers throughout the Panamanian territory last Sunday where 19,512 people were invited to vote

2018/01/29 21:15:02
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2016/10/29 11:53:22
  • PRD will elect the new leadership of its party
  • Will the PRD achieved unity after 30 October? 

    Despite fiery speeches, one against alliances that weaken the credibility of the party and others claiming that new blood is needed to bring the movement of Omar Torrijos to the presidency in 2019, leaders of the group agree they are facing a litmus test to remain as the largest and best organized political party of Panama

2016/07/11 10:51:39