• 2018/06/22 09:39:40

    Sittón: Electoral ban restrictions on social networks violate international standards

    Tribunal Electoral


    The Panamanian lawyer, Sidney Sittón, sent a letter to the magistrates of the Electoral Court to claim what he considered a violation of international agreements signed by the Republic of Panama

  • 2018/06/11 18:11:15

    Mayin Correa and Carmen Boyd watch over Martinelli's rights



    According to the leader of Cambio Democrático (CD), Mayin Correa, who was persecuted during Noriega's time, is supporting and monitoring that President Martinelli's rights are not violated, because since he arrived he has been deprived of his fundamental rights according to the Panamanian constitution

  • 2018/03/07 09:34:51

    Anti-gay marriage protesters take Panama streets



    A massive demonstration of religious groups on Panama City streets lead to the outskirts of the National Assembly. The main slogan of the march was the rejection of same-sex marriage. Mostly religious sectors marched to the sound of Christian songs and banners that highlighted the importance of marriage between a man and a woman

  • 2018/01/31 11:12:38

    Costa Ricans will elect a new President

    Costa Rica

    This Sunday, February 4, Costa Ricans will go to presidential elections with 13 candidates and according to opinion studies, a high percentage of undecided voters do not clarify the political panorama

2018/01/17 13:17:39
2018/01/13 15:24:37
  • Members of the LGBTI community in Panama have requested a statement from President
  • Controversy over the issue of same-sex marriage

    Lawyer Francisco Carreira told Telemetro channel that the document of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights is not binding. However, the opinion of Ombudsman Alfredo Castillero Hoyos contrasts with that of Carreira. Members of the LGBTI community in Panama have requested a statement from President Juan Carlos Varela

2018/01/11 23:45:12