• 2018/10/05 15:20:19

    WTO: Colombia has complied with resolution on Panamanian import tariffs



    A panel of experts from the World Trade Organization (WTO) has ruled that Colombia has complied with a resolution that forced it to withdraw tariffs and obstacles to textile, clothing and footwear imports from Panama

  • 2018/10/01 20:45:41

    Panama launches two major anti-drug operations by land, sea and air



    Today, Panama launched two major operations to combat drug trafficking, which will have the support of Colombia, Costa Rica and the United States, which will be developed by land, sea and air and will focus on fifty vulnerable communities across the country

  • 2018/09/23 10:47:46

    Panama and Colombia remain trapped in tariff dispute

    Augusto Arosemena


    The trade ministers of Panama, Augusto Arosemena, and Colombia's José Manuel Restrepo, agreed to continue seeking a solution to the tariff dispute that "continues to be a limiting factor in trade relations between both countries," the Panamanian government reported

  • 2018/09/17 18:23:24

    Almagro urges the international community to prevent Venezuela from "being Rwanda"

    Luis Almagro


    The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, urged the international community today to prevent Venezuela from becoming Rwanda, where between 800,000 and one million people were murdered in 1994 while the world seemed oblivious to barbarism

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  • Beisbol
  • Panama will host Latin American Baseball Series in 2020

    Jorge Centeno

    Panama was confirmed as the host of the Latin American Baseball Series for 2020, a tournament that will bring together the members of the Latin American Baseball Association, which will bring together the winners of the winter leagues of Colombia, Nicaragua, Panama, Argentina and Curaçao , and the winner of the Veracruz League for Mexico

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