• 2019/02/13 11:43:56

    The president of Colombia, Iván Duque, wins the Oswaldo Payá Prize



    The Latin American Youth Network for Democracy (JuventudLAC) announced on Tuesday that the president of Colombia, Iván Duque, is the winner of the "Oswaldo Payá: Libertad y Vida" Award for his "activism" in favor of the freedom of Venezuela

  • 2019/02/10 10:38:28

    Venezuela-Colombia border bridge bears witness to daily migrations

    clombo venezolano


    Thousands of Venezuelans have for years crossed the Simon Bolivar bridge connecting their nation with Colombia in search of cheaper and better quality products to bring back across the border but, nowadays, those daily migrants are increasingly focused on finding simple necessities like food and medicine, basic human needs that are considered a luxury in their crisis-rocked homeland

  • 2019/01/19 13:16:03

    Panama condemns in an energetic way "terrorist act" of the ELN in Colombia

    Ciudadanos y policías participan en un plantón frente a la Escuela de Cadetes de Policía General Francisco de Paula Santander, en Bogotá


    Panama strongly condemns the terrorist act perpetrated by the guerrilla of the Ejército de Liberación Nacional (ELN) in Colombia against the Cadet School of the General Police of Santander that took the life of 21 people and left more than 60 injured, including 4 Panamanian students.

  • 2018/12/29 09:08:11

    Colombian Bishops send a Popemobile to Panama for Francis's visit

    Colombian Bishops send a Popemobile to Panama for Francis's visit


    A plane of the Colombian Air Force brought to Panama today one of the "Popemobiles" that Francis will use during his visit to the Central American country next January for the World Youth Day (WYD), sent by the Colombian bishops

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