• 2019/01/09 16:43:16

    United States and China show closer positions

    Jeffrey Gerrish, Deputy Commercial Representative of the United States

    Alvaro Goncalves

    The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Lu Kang, informed in a press conference that this Wednesday the first round of negotiations between the Asian country and the United States concluded in the eastern capital, saying that it is expected to be beneficial for both markets, as well as world trade itself

  • 2018/11/29 17:35:38

    China and Panama sign agreement a few days before the arrival of Xi Jinping

    Panama Organics S.A, H.Tzanetatos S.A, PROLUXA and Primero Cuarenta Group are the most outstanding in this new treaty that will generate a large investment, income and other, internationalization of different Panamanian products, highlighting fruits and food among them

    Alvaro Goncalves

    With the International Exhibition of China's Imports, Panama-China relations announce new important steps with the possible treaty signed between the Canal Government and the country's exporters, to obtain businesses that amount to 30 million dollars

  • 2018/11/19 19:04:45

    China-Panama negotiations should be extended

    In 2017, the figures obtained by the trade relation between China and Panama showed an importation of goods and services worth 1,344 million dollars and exported products worth 42.6 million dollars, thus after breaking with Taiwan , this process of Asian market is assumed to be successful by President Juan Carlos Varela

    Alvaro Goncalves

    After the beginning of the fourth round of negotiations between China and Panama for the Free Trade Agreement (FTA), the Central American country's government acknowledged that there are many details to be covered in this issue, and therefore, this process that began a few months ago must be exte

  • 2018/09/18 22:17:39

    Trade war between the US and China could affect the Panama Canal in 2019

    Canal de Panama


    The Panama Canal said today that the intensification of the trade pulse between the United States and China will not affect the activity of the water route this year, but it could be felt during the first quarter of 2019

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