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  • Between Monday and Tuesday, Camacho said that Martinelli was "under observation because their concern that he had a stroke because he had difficulty speaking, and he is being observed because of the coronary issue."
  • Martinelli is back in prison without knowing his health condition

    Alvaro Goncalves

    After being admitted on Monday to the Santo Tomás Hospital in Panama city , the former president Ricardo Martinelli was returned to his cell in El Renacer prison, after being taken out of the hospital through the back door, said the spokesman of the former president and former Minister of Communication of his Government, Luis Eduardo Camacho to EFE

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  • Credentials Committee
  • Credentials Committee recommends to approve magistrates’ appointment


    After compliance with the citizen participation process and hearing the merits expressed by each officer to hold the position in the Supreme Court of Justice, the Credentials Committee recommended the plenary session to approve the appointments for chief and alternate magistrates

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